We "Nu" It Was Your Birthday!

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Nu Chapter would like to extend warm birthday wishes to our Alumni with April Birthdays! Share what you’ve been up to by visiting us HERE, or email our editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

And while you’re at it, spend some of that birthday loot by making a donation to NU Chapter at Penn State to keep the legacy alive by clicking the “donations,” tab on our website!

Michelle Berman
Daniel Bove
Sarah Burney
Amy Busse
John Campbell
Jason Clark
John Cullis
John Dolan
Paul Durandt
Steven Huber
Jeffrey Kauser
Min Kim
Julia Knisel
Frank Leszczynski
Jordan Lichty
George Maier
Eugene Marino
John McLaughlin
Glenn Miller
Michael Murray
Earle Muschlitz
Charles Paul
Louis Pelosi
David Pollock
Robert Purcell
Richard Richard
Ryan Rieth
Timoleon Rodriguez
Andrew Tull
Ronald Wint