Esteban Luna Q&A

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Q: Why did you choose Alpha Chi Sigma? 

Luna: I chose to join Alpha Chi Sigma because it embodied what I wanted in a college experience. I wanted to be able to have fun while keeping my grades up. I have always taken my grades very seriously and tried to find a social venue that would allow me to balance school work with a social life. When I heard what Alpha Chi Sigma stood for and how the brothers were able to live this I decided to join.

Q: What is your favorite memory of the fraternity? 

Luna: My favorite memory is this past spring rush because this past rush was when I saw the frat really come together as a whole.  We all had an amazing time at all of the events.  We got to know each other and many of the pledges and had a very good rush and a pretty good semester for pledging.

Q: What is your favorite AXE event and why?

Luna: My favorite AXE event is initiation because it is the whole brotherhood coming together for a single weekend for one purpose, and at the end we have a whole new group of brothers

Q: What is your advice for future generations of AXE?

Luna: My advice is not to take things to0 seriously. AXE is an amazing place and there will be always something going wrong, but just work through it.  Don’t let that event get in the way of anything.

Q: In your opinion, what makes AXE better than other Penn State fraternities?

Luna: AXE is better than any other Penn State fraternities because we have balance in our lives.  We have fun and keep our grades.  We are also a Co-ed Fratenity and we keep balance in that way as well. There is no dominating attribute that defines us. We have a little of everything and that’s what allows us to be the best of Penn State fraternities.