Remember When…

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"My first memory of my fraternity days was being rushed by "Thumper" Barkley (deceased now). "Thumper" asked me if I drank and not wanting to jeopardize my chances of being accepted I said "no" and then asked "Thumper" if he did and he said "no". Shortly after when I was accepted as a pledge there was a party in the basement and we both got smashed!"-Norman F. Hess Jr., '50

"One of my favorite memories is the Alpha class initiation that took place up at Cornell.  Being late the first night because the driver got the bus stuck in the mud while trying to turn around in someone's front yard, the 15+ of us sleeping on the floor of a random brothers apartment (Craig under the table), the self guided tour of campus the next day (complete with a hand drawn map), Laif's jokes over Chinese food, sleep deprivation before initiation, and tossing Keith off of the porch at the after party.  I know there were a lot more memories from that 24 hour period, but those are just some of the highlights!" -Tara (Washko) Tagmyer, '01

"Mattress races down the stairs. Record was held by PSU starting quarterback John Hufnagle at the time." -Rick Hoffmann, '71, '72

"Most of the best memories I probably shouldn't mention, including pulling a sleeping Dave Sawtelle out of the dumpster and doing burnouts in the parking lot with Taylor Doebler's Mustang.  But one of the best moments was when we moved Owen Quigley's ENTIRE room into the foyer and set it up just as it appeared upstairs. The poor drunk bro came back from the bars that night, walked in the front door, and simply could not get a grip on reality..he didn't think he had walked upstairs yet, but indeed there he was in his room!  Ralph, do you think he has figured it out yet?"-Mike Miller, '86