"My Years With AXE Helped Me Learn What Was Important To Me"

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College can be overwhelming at first glance, but for Jonathan “Artie” Hutchinson ’93, joining AXE helped him overcome his anxiety about the size of PSU and find a smaller group of friends.

“My favorite memories were my initiation night. Brother Oscar Monfort ‘92 was the DJ and always played great music that Saturday night and my future big brother Greg Leiby and all the brothers made it an awesome night for my pledge class. I also enjoyed playing on our volleyball team as we finished second of all fraternities for three years.

Brothers Bernie DuCasse ‘92, Brooks Fleming ‘93, Jon Santos ‘96 and Frank Malizzia were also on those teams.

Unfortunately, I only kept in touch with Brian Weaver ‘93, Kevin Ormerod ‘93 and Greg Leiby but have been in the house on Pugh Street a couple times to visit.

I own Silvia's Gymnastics (http://www.silviasgymnastics.com/) in Boyertown, PA with my wife, Silvia. I handle the business part of it and coach gymnastics as well- We opened it in 2002.

AXE taught me how to stay true to myself, It was a great group of guys and little sisters. My years with AXE helped me learn what was important to me and I also learned how it felt to be dragged across the front lawn of the house with Big Bill Egner sitting on top of me because the pledges in that years' pledge class voted me nicest brother. My back was scratched and bloodied but I survived.

I spend most of my time now with my two kids. I have an 11-year-old boy who I play baseball with an a 15- year-old-girl who is one of the top gymnasts in the country.

My advice to others in college is to be open to all ideas and not to let the mostly liberal professors brainwash you.”