The Sweet Life Of Mark Beauregard ‘86

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Not everyone has a job as sweet as the one that brother Mark Beauregard ’86 has. Read his full Q&A to find out what he does for The Hershey Company, how Alpha Chi Sigma changed his life forever, and why he thinks of his brothers every year when Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is on TV.

Q: If you could go back to re-live anything from your Alpha Chi Sigma days, what would it be and why?

A: Funny as it may sound, there were several activities I enjoyed, but one that I wish I could go back and do would be sitting around watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer again with the guys. During that time of year school work was winding down and we looked for ways to relax. You know where I’m going, we would have to drink each time Rudolph’s nose lit up. At the time, I never realized just how many times his nose lit up!  Fun times. Every year since then I think of the guys during Christmas when Rudolph is televised.

Q: What is your most memorable Alpha Chi Sigma tradition?

A: It would have to be parties on the weekend they always attracted a ton of people and were always a blast. No two weekends were ever the same.

Q: Why are you proud to be a member of Alpha Chi Sigma?

A: When I look back at the experience, you are a member of an exclusive brotherhood. You had to work hard to get in and not everyone was able to complete the journey. But once in, I had the opportunity to create lifelong friendships and experience college life in a manner that would not be possible as just a student living on or off campus. AXE made me realize what could be accomplished through unity and teamwork.  

Q: How did Alpha Chi Sigma change your life? Would your life be different today if you had never joined?

A: This question I better answer correctly. At AXE, I met my wife (Nancy Rigby) during one of those weekend parties and later learned that she was a little sister at AXE!!  At the time I had no idea she would WANT to be with me for the rest of my life.  We married in 1989 and have three wonderful children together, two boys and a girl.  Who knows where I would be if I didn’t join AXE!

Q: You work for The Hershey Company. What kind of work do you do there?

A: I currently work in Finance, although that is not where I started nearly 18 years ago. I started in Logistics using my PSU Business Logistics degree to get in, but as time went by the company gave me the opportunity to experience other areas of the company including traveling to other countries. I worked in marketing, coming up with new products and promotions, then sales where I sold products to Walmart and Sam’s. I currently work in finance where I’m responsible for the business process that is used to run the business, and give senior management insight on how the business is performing and how we are expected to perform in the future.  

During my time at Hershey I have had the opportunity to travel to several countries in the world including Mexico, Canada, China, India, UAE, Philippines, and lived for a time in Singapore. Living in Singapore was great. It’s 85 degrees there every day, all year long. Living outside of the US is very enlightening. As US citizens we don’t realize how fortunate we are in our freedoms as Americans.

Q: How does it feel to be a part of such a historic, well-known company?

A: Working for Hershey has been a great experience. When I meet people in my day-to-day life, I never have to explain what Hershey does or what they produce. A little-known fact is that Hershey supports the Milton Hershey School which was started by Milton Hershey and his wife to educate and house underprivileged children from all backgrounds. It was Milton Hershey’s vision to have one of the children one day run the Hershey company, and of course there were a couple who did. The school has controlling interest in The Hershey Company, so every time you buy a Hershey product such as a Hershey Bar, Hershey Kiss, KitKat, Reese’s, Jolly Rancher, Ice Breakers, you are supporting the school and the kids. I feel very proud of that fact.