Alumni Spotlight: Ali Galindo ’08

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Leah Ferrante, Ali Galindo and Megan Minnion

Hailing from Virginia, Ali Galindo ’08 was the only one from her high school class to go to Penn State, and not knowing anyone there wasn’t easy. So when Kara Glessner ’08—a fellow student in the science and engineering dorm, Pennypacker Hall—suggested she join AXE, she jumped at the chance to meet people with similar interests. But she never anticipated the friendships and experiences that would come of it.

“AXE had a huge impact on me and my college experience,” Ali says. “It provided lasting friendships to this day.”

Those friendships, she says, gave her a true home at Penn State. Ali lived in the AXE house for her three remaining years and found an unwavering support system in her brothers. They would do just about everything together, from classes and studying to going to Penn State football games.

But Ali says that her favorite thing they did together was their involvement in philanthropy. Together they were passionate about THON involvement and went on canning trips together, and got involved with other charities such as Habitat for Humanity. She also recalls that AXE had even established a small scholarship for a high school student who wanted to attend Penn State. It is these memories that stick with her most to this day.

“I got involved with so many things through the fraternity,” she says. “It was a very well-rounded experience.”

Ali graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Psychology with a focus in neuroscience. Today, she works in quality assurance for the Department of Family Services in Fairfax County, Virginia. She gets to see several brothers often who live in the area, including Lauren Williams ’10 and Missy Tomcavage ’06. She still keeps in touch with many others, including Kara Glessner and her little, Megan Minnion ’10. And a large group of them get together at least once a year, Ali says.

“I’m still very close friends with people from the fraternity,” she says. “I’ve gone to weddings, I’ve been in weddings, and if they’re in town we always try to meet up.”

Not long after graduating, Ali was already expressing her gratitude to AXE by giving back to Nu Chapter, and her reasoning was simple.

“I grew into the person I am today because of my experiences there,” she says. “I just wanted to help out and give what I could.”