A Note to AXE Alumni

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Greetings Brothers,

Thank you to all who sent in a response. There were many emails of support while expressing their sadness to the situation. I did enjoy some of the stories that were shared when they were Actives in the house, thank you for that.

This past school year has been very trying with the problems of other Fraternities at Penn State and around the country and then the pandemic. The Board has been busy this year and I do apologize for the delayed response.

Based on feedback received from the Brotherhood to our August 2019 correspondence regarding the 406 South Pugh Street former chapter house, the Alumni Association of Nu Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity Board of Directors has been going down the path of investigating options should the association decide to dispense with the property.

A recommendation from the Board to be voted on by the Association of Nu Chapter will be out soon.


Yours in the Double Bond,


Nick Braccio '81