Benefits of Membership

Active membership does not end at graduation. Benefits of joining Alpha Chi Sigma include opportunities in:

  • National leadership
  • The Professional Information Network
  • Local events at Collegiate & Professional Chapters

3 Objects of Alpha Chi Sigma

The First Object

To bind its members with a tie of true and lasting friendship.

We believe that a beneficial way to strengthen the bond of friendship within Alpha Chi Sigma is through Community Service Activities. Some that we have previously participated in includes:

  • Special Olympics
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Tutoring High School Students
  • Cancer Drive
  • Chemistry Shows for Elementary School Children
  • Fundraising for High School Student Scholarship

The Second Object

To strive for the advancement of chemistry both as a science and as a profession

The Third Object

To aid its members by every honourable means in the attainment of their ambitions as chemists throughout their mortal lives.

To help our members in their goals, scholarships and awards can be offered. There are also an ample amount of Professional Networking opportunities including:

  • Strong ties to both ACS and AIChE
  • PIN (Professional Information Network)
  • Various careers in chemistry related fields like Engineering, Academia, Medicine, etc.

About the House

406 S Pugh St. is home to Alpha Chi Sigma. Below are some of the rooms in our Chapter House.

Alumni Lounge

Brother Lounge


Dining Room

Sun Porch

More Information


MA – Mark Frisch
VMA – Tara Washko
House Manager – Kim Moran
Professional Committee – Cheryl Rumbarger
Community Sevrice – Asher Marks
Intramural Sports – Amy Mondelblatt
Homecoming/THON – Brooke Scheremeta
Social Committee – Adam Stine

Find additional information about Alpha Chi Sigma at our national office of 1-800-ALCHEMYr national website ( or you can contact the national office of 1-800-ALCHEMY. Our chapter website can be found at


Alpha Chi Sigma is a national professional fraternity committed to chemistry and to those whose study and/or has a career focus on the application of the chemical sciences. We were founded in 1903 in Madison, WI at the University of Wisconsin. Currently, the fraternity has more than 56,000 members that include both men and women and has grown to 50+ Collegiate & Professional Chapters across the USA. Alpha Chi Sigma membership is not limited to Undergraduates; you can also join as a Graduate Student, or as a Professor whose area of expertise and study include Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, BMB/MICRB/BIOTECH, Biology, and Pre Med. Some Agricultural Sciences and EMS are also considered.